Monthly Archives: July 2015

C-51 sees charter challenge from civil liberties, press freedom advocates

“In a joint statement, both the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression say sections of Bill C-51 violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ‘in a manner that is not justified in a free and democratic society.'”

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The Library Digital Privacy Pledge of 2015

The Library Digital Privacy Pledge of 2015 focuses “on the use of HTTPS to deliver library services and the information resources offered by libraries. Building a culture of library digital privacy will not end with this 2015 pledge, but committing to this first modest step together will begin a process that won’t turn back.  We aim to gather momentum and raise awareness with this pledge; and will develop similar pledges in the future as appropriate to advance digital privacy practices for library patrons.” Visit Eric Hellman’s blog for more information on the Library Digital Library Pledge of 2015.

He invites all stakeholders and “everyone with responsibility for providing library services on the web, including publishers, systems vendors, librarians and scholars…to review the draft before it is finalized.”

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