Constitution & Bylaws

By-Laws of the Edmonton Chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild
Dec. 13, 2010
Amended: IX. Membership Fee, Dec 2013

I. Meetings

1. General meetings are to be held monthly.
2. Quorum for meetings is five members of the PLG.
3. Meetings will be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order with a rotating chair and recording secretary elected for each meeting.
4. Only members of the PLG may propose motions and vote at general meetings.
5. Motions will be carried by a straight majority

II. Officers

1. There are three officer positions: Secretary, Treasurer and Communications.
2. Officers are elected annually in December of each year with the term to start in January.
3. Only members of the PLG may run for and be elected to an officer position.
4. Officers cannot serve more than two consecutive terms.
5. The duties of the Secretary are as follows: to prepare meeting agendas, to provide access to meeting minutes, to manage chapter records, and to act as the liaison with the main PLG.
6. The duties of the Treasurer are as follows: to manage the chapter’s bank account, to provide financial reports at each general meeting, to collect dues and arrange payment of national dues if necessary.
7. The duties of the Communications position are as follows: to manage the chapter’s email and web presence, to manage the chapter’s listserv, and to act as the main contact for public inquiries
8. The secretary and treasurer will have signing authority over the bank account.
9. If any officer is seen to be negligent in their duties, they may be recalled by a notice of motion to recall at a general meeting followed by a vote to recall at the following general meeting. Recalled officers can then be replaced as soon as possible.

III. Bylaw Amendments

1. Bylaws can be amended or added to as needed.
2. Bylaw amendments are to be announced through a notice of motion to amend bylaws at a general meeting followed by a vote to amend bylaws at the following general meeting.

IV. Annual General Meeting

1. The annual general meeting (AGM) will be held in December of each year.
2. Officers will be elected at the AGM, with nominations for positions to open at the November monthly meeting and to be closed by the chair of the AGM prior to the vote.
3. The vote will be by secret ballot, administered by two returning officers elected at the AGM
4. After the vote, the ballots are to be destroyed by the returning officers.
5. Quorum for the AGM is five members of the PLG.
6. Officers are to present an annual report on chapter activities at the AGM.

V. Special Meetings

1. Any member with a second member may call a special meeting.
2. A call for a special meeting must be posted on the PLG Edmonton listserv and to the chapter blog.
3. Special meetings can be held no sooner than 24 hours after they have been called.
4. Quorum for special meetings is five members.
5. Minutes from special meetings must be posted on the PLG Edmonton listserv. If a meeting involves money, minutes from that meeting must be distributed to the list within 24 hours of the meeting.
6. Another regular or special meeting under quorum can reverse a decision.

VI. Position Statements

1. Any member may draft a position statement and send it to members using the PLG Edmonton listserv.
2. The statement may be approved by the internal mailing list.
3. The motion will be approved by 5 members.
4. The person who wrote the position statement will track votes on the position statement.
5. Votes should be posted to the internal list instead of being sent to the member who wrote the statement

VII. Membership payments to PLG Central Committee

1. Members will renew their membership no later than the date of PLG Edmonton’s AGM.

VIII. Membership Principles

1. Membership in the Edmonton chapter of the PLG is contingent upon the upholding of the following principles:

  • Stand in solidarity with struggling workers and refuse to cross picket lines;
  • Uphold freedom of speech, thought, and expression in the workplace and classroom;
  • Strive for democratic workplaces and classrooms;
  • Uphold academic freedom in educational institutions for faculty and students;
  • Critically examine and oppose any power imbalances in the workplace; and
  • Not accept the notion of the neutrality of information workers and strongly oppose the commodification of information that turns the information commons into privatized commercial zones.

2. Membership shall commence upon the signing of the statement and submission to the said document to the chapter secretary.
3. If a member is found in contravention of these principles, membership in the Edmonton chapter will be revoked but remain in the central PLG. The affected member’s local dues will then be transferred to the central PLG.
4. If a member is accused of violating the principles, the accused member has the right to defend their actions at a general or special meeting, as defined by the bylaws and subject to the accused member’s availability with reason and prior to the next scheduled general meeting.
5. Membership status can only be revoked subject to a motion for expulsion from the Edmonton PLG, seconded and passed as per chapter bylaws.

IV. Membership Fee

The Edmonton Chapter of the PLG charges all members $20 for the membership year.