Copyright and Contemporary Librarianship.

This past July, the London Ontario chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild held a round-table on copyright and contemporary librarianship.

Tom Adam, Project Manager and Special Advisor to the Provost, discussed the Copyright Literacy Project at Western University. Bobby Glushko, Scholarly Communications & Copyright Librarian at the University of Toronto, spoke to the role of librarians, libraries, and universities in establishing a respectful narrative around copyright and encouraging academic activity within this framework. Finally, Sam Troscow, Associate Professor in the Faculties of Information & Media Studies and Law at Western (and keynote at our upcoming Symposium on October 18!), deliberated on various venues in which librarians can influence policy on copyright following the ruling of CCH v. LSUC in 2004.

For more detailed notes on the discussion, head to PLG London’s website.