#critlib – Get Involved in the Discussion!

#critlib was created ” to engage in discussion about critical perspectives on library practice. Recognizing that we all work under regimes of white supremacy, capitalism, and a range of structural inequalities, how can our work as librarians intervene in and disrupt those systems? Each week’s discussion will have a theme or an associated reading to discuss. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us, with the hope that open discussion will help those who might feel intimidated about the topic be more comfortable in participating.” (Source)

You can get involved in the conversation by following #critlib on twitter on alternating Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm Pacific/7:00 pm Mountain time! The next discussion will be on August 11, 2015 and the theme for discussion will be working from within the system to create change. 

Also see Sheri Laster’s blog post about government information and #critlib after attending the #CritlibSF Unconference on June 26, 2015.