@gccaedits — Another Brick in the Wall of Canadian Civil Society

It’s sad when a wall metaphor describes the relationship between a government and its citizenry but this new Twitter account (aka brick) underscores why the turn of phrase works.

Check out @gccaedits, launched about three weeks ago and written up by The Star on July 16.

A tweet is generated whenever a Wikipedia entry is edited anonymously from a list of Government of Canada IP addresses. With almost 5,000 followers it’s clear that people are interested in what government employees and partisan staff are doing to manipulate their web presence.

Sure, @gccaedits followers only account for 0.014% of our total population (not that we can assume they are all Canadian accounts, of course) but it does say something when we compare the same figures for longer-standing and similar Twitter feeds in the UK and US, which represent closer to 0.008% of populations in those countries.

Do fences make good neighbours in the depths of our current democratic deficit?