Net neutrality: EU votes in favour of Internet fast lanes and slow lanes

The European parliament, voted in favour of a Internet “fast and slow lanes” in a highly flawed net neutrality text. While popular measures such as eliminating cellular roaming charges between EU countries is a positive change, the EU has voted against having a “level playing field” when it comes to Internet speeds and infrastructure – something that benefits telecom companies directly. 
On the few occasions that MEPs supporting the compromise text addressed the net neutrality rules directly, they simply parroted the claim by telecom companies that specialised services running over fast lanes were needed in order to encourage innovation in the EU. As those in favour of true net neutrality—including such luminaries as Sir Tim Berners-Lee—have emphasised, the opposite is true. For innovation to flourish as it has done so far, a level playing-field is needed. Allowing fast and slow lanes on the Internet plays into the hands of incumbents and companies with deep pockets.
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