PLG Edmonton Votes to Dissolve

The following motion was unanimously passed at the PLG Edmonton monthly meeting on June 28, 2016:

WHEREAS, PLG is not a federated organization and cannot provide support to chapters
WHEREAS, PLG is a non-democratic body that is not elected or accountable to its members
WHEREAS, PLG raises its dues without providing a mechanism for chapters to obtain local dues
WHEREAS, the due increase was justified to fund the journal but the delivery of the journal to Canadian chapters is erratic, at best
WHEREAS, the Coordinating Committee lacks awareness of the Canadian context and Canadian issues
WHEREAS, there is a need to create an organization to explicitly address issues concerning information professions in Canada
WHEREAS, there is a particularly strong lack of communication among chapters and with the PLG Coordinating Committee
WHEREAS, PLG Coordinating Committee favors advocacy of international issues over direct political action
WHEREAS, PLG Edmonton does not see any benefit in continuing to be associated PLG Central

Be it resolved that the Edmonton chapter of the PLG severs ties with the coordinating committee of PLG and agree to form a new organization by September 1, 2016. New membership dues will not be required until 2017. Current assets will be transferred to the new organization for use in new organizational business.

Stay tuned for what’s to come!