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A Primer on Open Access to Research

‘How much do you really know about open access publishing? What about other research resources like open data?’ These questions opened Robyn Hall’s recent presentation at the 2014 NEOS Miniconference, held on June 6 at MacEwan University.

The origins of the session lay in Robyn’s preparations last fall, as Scholarly Communications Librarian, to enthusiastically promote Open Access Week across MacEwan. After handing out “Ask me about open access!” buttons to colleagues, she quickly realized the value of also making available to them a toolkit of need-to-know resources and strategies for helping users to access publicly available research findings on the Internet.

Similarly, Robyn walked session attendees through pertinent definitions of open access, some of the many payment schemes underpinning it, various sources of open access articles and data, the benefits and challenges of participating in the open access movement, and future directions. Those interested in specifics can access this and other presentations by Robyn Hall on SlideShare.